Beautiful Blind Blossom And Her Journey To Find Her Perfect Forever Home

Beautiful Blind Blossom And Her Journey To Find Her Perfect Forever Home


Blossom is a very special cat in a lot of ways. She’s gone through a lot in her short feline life, and she’s shown the world that she’s a survivor. This sweet little kitty has a heck of a tale to tell, from how she lost her sight to how she finally found a family and a home to call her own. This is Blossom’s story.


When Blossom was first rescued as a kitten by the North Shore Animal League, it soon became clear that she had a severe eye infection. Unfortunately, the staff at the shelter had to make the very difficult decision to have Blossom’s eyes removed and she went for the life-saving surgery. Little did Blossom know that this hardship was just the first step on her journey to a wonderful new life.

Blossom is waiting for the new blind foster boy kitten arriving today!

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After her surgery, Blossom was fostered by TV and radio personality Howard Stern and his wife Beth. If you take a look at Beth’s instagram account you can see that she’s a huge cat lover and she regularly fosters cats before finding them a perfect forever home. Blossom was no exception and after a short time with Beth and Howard, she was ready to move in with her new family, who were waiting for a friend just like her to come and join them.

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Why was this new home so perfect for little Blossom? That’s because Susan Smith, the owner of this happy family, had a history of caring for special needs animals and already had three other blind pets who were waiting to welcome Blossom into their family. You could say that this was a match made in heaven!

Blossom now has four brothers and sisters, Ray, Sabrina, Donovan, and her best friend Cookie, not forgetting Susan, of course! Her new family has helped her to adjust to life as a blind kitty and they spend their days playing together. They even have their own specially designed “Catio” that’s full of toys so they can get outside and enjoy the sunshine. But just like any cat, it doesn’t matter how many toys Blossom has, she’ll always find time to play with one of her sibling’s tails!

As you can see, Blossom and her brothers and sisters are just like any other cats. To help her feline friends get around, Susan makes sure her house always has the same layout as the cats have their home all mapped out in their heads. It’s little things like this that keep these kitties living a normal, fun-filled life. They probably know every nook and cranny of their home better than I know mine, although apparently the toilet is still a mystery!

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Blossom may have had a rocky start in life, but this little sweetie has really found her place in the world. Blossom and her feline family are just perfect for each other, they might be a little different but that just makes them all the more special! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a happier kitty cat clan!

Don’t you just love a happy ending? If you want to see more of lovely Blossom and her family, don’t forget to follow them on instagram. Susan posts updates there every day so there’s enough adorableness to keep you awww-ing for at least a month! Let’s hear it for Blossom and her perfect forever family!



Beautiful Blind Blossom And Her Journey To Find Her Perfect Forever Home

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