These Creative Halloween Costumes Are Spooktacular For This Year’s Costume Content

We’ve all had that moment where Halloween is just a week away, and you still haven’t bothered finding a good costume. Even if you had the money to go out and buy a costume, all of the good ones are already taken. There can only be so many Harley Quinn’s or Iron Man’s out there.

These people took it upon themselves to develop their own creative costumes, and they’re sure to be a hit at any Halloween costume contest. Make sure to look through to find that perfectly spooktacular costume.

French Kiss

When it comes to Halloween costumes, we love a good pun and this group of friends nailed it when they devised this insanely creative Halloween costume. Sure, you could be a French man or woman for Halloween and don your best black and white striped shirt, a beret, and glass of wine.

You could also gather your friends and slather on thick black and white makeup to impersonate legendary rock band KISS. Or, you could combine the two costumes for the ultimate, creative and oh-so-punny costume: French KISS.