9 Tips To Help You Recognise Fake Gadgets

9 Tips To Help You Recognise Fake Gadgets


Buying the latest gadgets is always a tricky business.

If you’re not buying directly from the company who created the product, or a trusted store, then you’re at risk of being conned out of your hard earned cash.

Many people fall into this trap to try and avoid paying more money.

But think about it, would you rather have a product that works and is reliable, or would you prefer to have something that doesn’t work? I know which one I’d prefer.

Here are a few handy tricks that help you spot fake gadgets from the real deal!

1. Packaging 

This is one detail most of us don’t pay attention to.

If your ordering online, make sure to pay attention to the details of the packaging and check for any signs of neglect.

The real deal is often in perfect condition and without any flaws.

2. Unboxing 

Fake product may be stored in boxes that look like the real deal, but this is just a ploy to make you feel at ease.

One thing to check is if there is any text written in a foreign language.

If it comes in a plastic casing, it could be a sign that it’s fake.

3. User Manual

If your manual is written in another language, not the language of the country it was purchased in, then it’s more than likely

4. Product Material 

Top brands are well known for their attention to detail.

Products are usually smooth and flawless.

It’s a good idea to pay attention to things like this when ordering products online or second hand.



5. Fonts 

You might not have realized this but the product names are typed in very specific font styles and colors.

If anything is different about the brand name or logo, you might be dealing with a fake.

Small changes like coloring and sizing shouldn’t be ignored. 

6. Chargers 

You should always check the charger you receive with your new device.

Certain details will be very different from the original product.

Make sure to double check the writing on the charger as well for any crooked writing or to see if it’s written in a foreign language. 

7. Cords

Gadget company very rarely make changes to the style or design of charger and their cords. If they have it’s typically announced.

So if your charging device and cable look different, then it’s probably a fake.

8. Cuts

When comparing a fake iPhone 6 vs. the real deal, you can see that the cut is different.

On the original phone, its smooth and seamless, compared to the fake product, which has a thick outline.

9. Screen

The Youtube user, Unbox Therapy, also noticed that the camera light is more visible on the fake one (right), and it’s lighter in color.

Once the phone was turned on, he also noticed the response time was slower on the fake phone.

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