9 Hilarious Problems Only Women Will Understand

9 Hilarious Problems Only Women Will Understand


Being a woman these days is hard work.

It’s certainly something which carries a lot of challenges, to say the least!

Something which is a struggle for many people is trying to find a balance between your career and family life, as well as other trivial struggles like what to wear for your date night.

Women face a truly unique set of problems.

But sometimes all you can do is laugh.

With that in mind, here are a few issues that most women can relate to.


Everyone woman who’s ever worn heels understands the struggle that is walking on a well-manicured lawn.

Though wearing heels while walking on sand is much worse!



When your compact gets cracked.

It’s still useable, but it’s just a pain to use. And let’s be honest, it breaks your heart a little.


Whenever you wear white trousers or shorts, or even a skirt, your bound to get your period.

If you’re due for your period but not had it yet, then you’re due a visit, and it’ll probably happen while your wearing those white pants.

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