Only 8% Of People Can Solves The ‘Impossible’ Brain Teasers

Only 8% Of People Can Solves The ‘Impossible’ Brain Teasers


Exercising your brain is important. Not only does it keep your brain healthy, mentally young, and it can also help ward of diseases like dementia.

It’s important to regularly challenge your brain. But how you challenge it is completely up to you.

Personally, I like exercising my brain with brain teasers and crossword puzzles, as well as the occasional game of sudoku.

Like I said, regular brain exercise helps combat mental illness and diseases like dementia.

Who wouldn’t want something like that?! I know I could find a few uses for a healthy brain.

It’s quite impressive what a healthy brain can do.

But apparently, some brain exercises are harder than others.

From finding missing letters to spotting hidden animals, there’s been a wide range of different and difficult brainteasers to hit the internet this year.

But there another brainteaser that’s hit social media, which has left people scratching their heads.

The puzzle (posted by Try Life) is a word search. Simple enough, right?  with the caption:

Well, it comes with the caption: ‘Experts say that if you can find your name in this puzzle then you’re in the top 8% and one of the smartest people in the world.’

But just like many other viral brainteasers, people are struggling to solve it.

Many people have been avidly searching for their names when the puzzle actually asks for people to find ‘your name’ instead.

Clever, isn’t it?



If you look closely, you’ll see the two words written three times within the puzzle.

One is written backward at the top left, the other is on the fourth row down and the third is at the bottom left.

This brain teaser has been shared countless times, and it’s understandably gone viral.

Many Facebook users took to the comment to share their frustration with the hard word search, but also to try and find the answer.

 Many were left amused at how long they spent looking for their own name.

One commenter said:

‘Hahah was trying to find my name and i realized that there’s no way this puzzle would have such a difficult/delicate/unusual name there.’

Another said:

‘Haha… stupid me… was actually looking for my name like literally, but then again I realised that I was supposed to check for ” YOUR NAME ” sentence after finding the second one in that same puzzle n that’s when it hit me.’ 

However, not everyone struggled with this brainteaser. In fact, there were many people who were left shocked at how slow other people were being.


‘Did anyone else stare at this puzzle trying to see if there were any names at all?.’

Another said:

‘We all know it says YOURNAME forward and backward a few times, but has anyone looked further to try to find an actual name? The names I see are Joe, Liz, Jud, Eman, Lema.

‘These names are getting pretty obscure. I’m sure there are even more obscure names in other languages in this puzzle. But yeah you can actually have some fun for a while trying to find some actual names.’

How did you manage with this brainteaser?

Did you spot that it was a trick or did you struggle?

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