6 Reasons Why You Should Be Happy About Life

6 Reasons Why You Should Be Happy About Life


Happiness is a universal feeling.

It’s something we all aspire to experience more often, but yet we still fill our lives with anger and difficult moods.

The science of happiness tells us that being happy is a choice.

But most of us are still struggling to make lemonade from the lemons life has given us

Maybe we just need a little motivation.

Here are 6 reasons why you should be happy right now.


  1. There are people in your life who love and depend on you.

We all have someone important in our life. We’d do anything for them.

If you’re looking for a reason to be happy, this is the place to start.

No matter how bad life gets, you can always be with someone who loves you unconditionally. That never fails to make me happy. 

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  1. Life could change dramatically at a moment’s notice.

Our lives are constantly changing.


It’s unpredictable.

Any of us could wake up tomorrow and lose our jobs, lose someone we love.

The point is, you never know.

So don’t wait until tomorrow to be happy. Choose happiness today and enjoy every single moment you have.


  1. Happy people are more productive.

Who do you think gets more accomplished in the day?

An optimistic person, or someone who spends all their energy complaining.

Happy people of course!

Happy people, in general, are more productive and are more likely to accomplish their goals than unhappy people.




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