3 Brides Pose For Photo In The Same Dress. Now Look Closely At The Middle Brides Face…

3 Brides Pose For Photo In The Same Dress. Now Look Closely At The Middle Brides Face…


A woman’s wedding day is one of the most important days of her life, so you’d think she would want all the limelight, right? I know I would..

So when I read this story about three women who shared the SAME wedding day I was in shock. But then I found out why and I couldn’t believe it! I mean, they are even wearing the SAME dresses..

In this story there are three brides walking down the aisle together, at the same time. Each bride is wearing an identical wedding dress, even an identical veil…pretty weird right? But there was one difference which I noticed. Their bouquets were different colours. So what on EARTH is going on here?


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The answer here is simple — the three women are identical triplets. The Bini sisters; Tagiane, Rafaela, and Rochele. They have spent their whole lives inseparable and therefore decided to share their wedding ceremony as a testament to their special bond.

Each sister held a different color bouquet so that the guests and the vicar could tell them apart.


Although, each husband believes they could tell which woman they were marrying – thank god!

“Oh yes, I knew which one was mine, for sure. I knew as soon as she entered the church, she was the most beautiful,”  Tagiane’s husband, Eduardo, told Daily Mail.

But surely they wanted to wear their own, unique dresses? I mean, they must have their own style, right? Well, apparently the girls have very similar style and all fell in love with the same dress!

Their father, Pedro, walked each one down the aisle. “We decided that we would all walk down the aisle until halfway down the church. From there, I would take one at a time,” Pedro said.

Watch the clip below for the full story:

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