25 People Share The Moment They Met One Of The Most Overbearing Parents Ever

25 People Share The Moment They Met One Of The Most Overbearing Parents Ever



When a Reddit user asked, “Any overbearing parents in public stories out there?” these are some of the best replies they received…

(The source is linked at the end of the article.)

1. “When I worked as a waitress in a resort I had a mom with a kid around 3-4 years old ask me if the cookies had peanut in them. We took allergies very seriously so I told her that yes they may be contaminated with peanuts and that if she’d like I could arrange for her son to have a special peanut-free dessert prepared for the rest of his stay at the resort and she goes “Oh no, he’s not allergic to peanuts. He’s just never had them before because I’m so afraid of allergies. You hear about them all the time, you know?” then shrugs and leaves without getting her kid dessert.”


2. “I’m a cop. A partner and I were at Subway eating lunch during our break. This kid next to us is being a kid and just goofing around, no big deal.

Mom says to him: “If you don’t behave, that policeman is going to take you to jail. He arrests bad little boys like you.”

I turn to the boy and say deadpan “Don’t worry son, I only take bad parents to jail, not bad kids.”

The mom kept quiet for the rest of her lunch, which was very rushed.”



3. “At the family entertainment center I work at a mom asked my male manager if he can ask the dads to leave the play park area because she wasn’t comfortable with the idea of men in the tubes, even with their own kids. My boss told her he’s not going to do that and if she doesn’t like it she can leave.”


4. “I’m a 32 year old single father. I have a 3 year old son. I work maintenance at a hotel. Part of my job is opening and cleaning the pool. I find things other guests leave. I put them in our lost and found for 30 days them I put them in my pool room to offer to guests. They other day I was checking the pump and a 3 year old boy came up to me and asked what I was doing. So I told him and showed him how the systems work etc. I asked his parents if he could have a pool noodle I had in the pump room that I had taken out of the lost and found that morning as it had been there the required 30 days without being claimed.

His parents grabbed him and went to my boss and complained that I was a creep and should not speak to children. Now I am afraid to respond to children or try to do anything nice. I hate what this world has come to. If a random person walked up to my son and was offering gifts I would be a little concerned but if I was approached by an employee at our community pool and they asked if my son could have a toy I would be grateful there are decent people in this world still.”


5. “I walked out of a park one day, and in the parking lot there’s this mother in her car with her two kids. As I’m about to walk past her car to exit the park, she looks at me, so I smile politely, but she just stares at me wide eyed, and locks the doors. I’m a 100lb 5’3 girl in her early twenties.”


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25 People Share The Moment They Met One Of The Most Overbearing Parents Ever

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