24 Children Reveal Things They Found Out About Their Parents That They’d Rather Not Know.

24 Children Reveal Things They Found Out About Their Parents That They’d Rather Not Know.


When you’re a kid, it’s tough to see a parent as a unique individual and not as the perfect mom or dad. So, when these kids found out some details about their parents that they’d rather not know, they told Reddit all about it. Here’s what they have to say:

1. The hidden truth – (der7574).

I grew up being told by my family that my mother abandoned me. I later found out that my father kidnapped me from her. We were on the run the entire time I was in elementary school. I never had a stable set of friends at that time because I went to a different school every year. I slept in bunk beds with my dad growing up in a one bedroom apartment. I was 18 when my mother’s private investigator found me and I learned the real story.

2.  Maybe it’s her foster brother – (newphag).

I caught my mother with her own older brother. I have never shared this with anyone in my life. Stirred up all those memories that haunted me for 3 years when I was a teen, till the time I moved away to college.

3. Their deepest fears – (deleted).

Even though my parents are separated and seemingly hate each other, my dad is still clearly in love with my mom, and no matter how much my dad pushes her away, my mom is subconsciously open to the idea of getting him back. My dad however, has a pride issue, and is incapable of admitting his love for my mom, incapable of acting on it, or sacrificing for it.

I regret learning this and I don’t. The reason I regret learning this is because now I look at the two of them differently. And I hate the fact that I see my dad for who he is. A guy who is completely miserable without my mom. He’s a functioning addict (weed and alcohol), and it’s clear as day that his only cure is getting my mom back. At the same time I don’t regret learning this, because it’s what got me back together with my girlfriend. I realized that I too have an ego/pride issue, and that I was still in love with my girlfriend, but incapable of admitting it, acting on it, or sacrificing for it. Once I realized how [odd] I was being, it all hit me. I needed Lyndsey back. And now all is right in the world.

My parents have always been separated while I was growing up, and the idea of them being together sounds grotesque to me. But they’ve both been single for the longest time, and really they only need to put their pride aside and be happy together.

4. She isolated herself and her child – (GibsonLP86).

I didn’t know people wanted to be friends with me.

My mom didn’t like the people in my neighborhood for some reason, so when they would call me to go hang out she would tell them that I’m busy or that I flat out didn’t want to hang out with them.

Throughout middle school and high school, I would cry myself to sleep because no one would talk to me at school and I wouldn’t get invited to parties and events.


I found out two years ago that it was because she turned them away.

5. They always survive the depression – (whoopygoldberg).

I found out my parents used to be in the Moonshine business in West Virginia. Later I found out that they were also growing mushrooms.

6. Reading a good book – (narcfox).

I found out fairly recently that my dad cannot read. Sounds tame enough but we had a bunch of books on a book case near the TV for a good 7 years of my life. I always remembered my dad going across, picking one up, dusting it off and sitting down and reading it just before we went to bed.

During a conversation the other week, my dad revealed that he couldn’t read very well, and I asked about the books. Well it turns out those “books” were actually my dads genius way of hiding his porn. He had cut out the pages of the book, hidden VHS tapes in one side, and porn mags in the other.

7. You never know until you have one of your own – (Jsusallows).

My mom recently told me she never wanted kids, and finally said “eh, oh well” and succumbed to my dad’s pleading once they bought the right house. Joke’s on her though; she turned out to be a fantastic mother.

8.  Embarrassed by his profession – (radicallay).

My dad works as a gynecologist at a large hospital. He deals with a lot of [vulvas]. The strange part is I know a lot of friends who go to him.



24 Children Reveal Things They Found Out About Their Parents That They’d Rather Not Know.

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