22 Tweets Only Your Husband Would Write

22 Tweets Only Your Husband Would Write


Marriage is hard work. A lot of time, energy and focus goes into a marriage, and quite often it’s harder work than films and TV make it out to be.

However, once you found the right person for you, things tend to go a lot smoother, and the idea of marriage doesn’t seem as scary.

Just because you’re married doesn’t automatically mean you or your partner are going to grow up. You may often find that your husband resembles more of a man-child rather than a grown man. There’s nothing wrong with that, they’re just in touch with their inner child.

Here are 22 hilarious tweets to remind you of that.

Where’s Waldo?

Sometimes letting the kitchen burn is worth finding Waldo.

Husband Humor

Trust me, they’ll never stop thinking they’re funny.

The Fault In Our Star Wars

‘Divorce you I may.’ This is an actually quote from Star Wars. Trust me on that.

Icey Reception

He’s just looking after a house guest.

Sharing Is Caring

His wife may disagree but he has a point.

Kitchen Poetry

While most wives would kill for a poem from their husband, I’m not too sure about this one.

Muggy Weather

Never play with your wife’s mugs. We are very attached to our collection of mugs.

Think Of The Children!

I’m not 100% sure this is an actual quote, but it would explain a lot.


They tell husbands not to panic when they’re wives are giving birth, they don’t tell them to be cheeky.

Fair Play

He’s got to wait for another half an hour before it’s his turn.

Pocket Money


Saving is never as fun as spending.

Notice Me!

Puns or marriage. That’s truly a tough call to make.

Food For Thought

It’s always the complicated things that plague your husband’s mind.


Sometimes promises are made for breaking when animals are involved.

A Delicious Crime

You should have shared them with her.

Money Matters

As long as you’re happy and the dog loves their jeans, money doesn’t matter all that much.

Kind Thoughts

He saved her!

Midnight Conversation

It’s perfectly fine to do this. She does it to you anyway.

Pooping Love

That’s both sweet and disturbing.

Hungry Husband

Maybe he should have bought some snacks instead of normal food.


Not every thought your husband has are stupid. Some really change your perspective on things.

Room Buddy

I bet she wanted to have the top bunk so he wouldn’t fart directly on top of her.

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