21 Signs Your Sass Levels Are Out Of Control

21 Signs Your Sass Levels Are Out Of Control


It is a truth universally acknowledged that a sassy woman is also a sarcastic woman, and a sarcastic woman is a sassy woman.

The two are very rarely apart from each other.

Every woman is capable of being the Queen of Sass when she puts her mind to it, but it’s not an easy job.

Being sassy is a full-time job. Many struggles to maintain such high levels of sass, wit, and sarcasm, but it’s a job I’ll happily take one. 

Let’s be honest someone has to tell it like it is and keep everyone else entertained or shocked (but I suppose that depends on your point of view).

If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen, right?

Here are 21 signs that your sass levels are out of control!

Fluent Sarcasm

You’re fluent in sarcasm. You can dish out sass and sarcasm without feeling the slightest bit tired. It’s truly a talent.

Are You Being Serious?

People who don’t know you, or are getting to know you, struggle to understand when you’re being serious.

B*tch With A Capital B

This often means your mistaken for a b*tch from time to time.

Compliment Me!

But you often take it as a compliment and a sign that you should introduce yourself to your new friends better.

Questionable Things

You justify the “questionable’ things you say with, ‘you were thinking it, I just said it.’


You have a knack for saying really funny things at really inappropriate from time to time.

Judge Judy

You judge anyone and everyone. But it’s ok, they judge you!

Resting B*tch Face

You don’t have to hide your resting b*tch face because everyone thinks you’re a b*itch anyway!


Friends can’t sit next to you in meetings or class because the things you say under your breath will probably make them burst into laughter.


You’ve gotten used to people looking shocked whenever you say something. You actually come to expect it.



What are feelings?

Anyone There?

Because of the stuff you often find yourself saying, you question whether you have a soul or not.


You probably have one, but it’s just as black as your humor.

Fine Line

There’s a fine line between sassy and a**hole, and you walk it every day.

Calling Out

You have no problem calling people out.

Straight Forward

You tell it as it is.


You’re the Queen of Sass and Comebacks.

Side Eye

You’ve mastered the side eye and talk-to-the-hand gesture.


Be honest, you often find yourself using the side eye and the hand gesture.


You should come with #NotSorry and #NSFW warnings permanently attached to you.

Don’t Like You

When someone says they don’t like you, your response is probably ‘Oh no, how will I sleep knowing (insert name) doesn’t like me?’

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