21 She Sheds That Will Have You Wanting One Right Now

21 She Sheds That Will Have You Wanting One Right Now


We are all aware of the fact that men tend to have their own, personal spaces that are often called ‘man caves’. Well, how about a space that is just for the female?

I say it’s about time! Now, we are seeing more and more spaces that women are specifically designed for themselves. They are often called, ‘She-Sheds’. They are also typically located in the garden because most garages or basements are already converted into these said ‘Man Caves’.

However, there are no specific designs involved. They are simply manifestations of a woman’s desire for her own, personal space but perhaps these creations will give you some ideas about how to construct your own ‘She-Shed’.

This is heavenly!  I love all of the glass that allows the light to enter this space.

Perfect for last minute get aways.

A perfect place to take a nap or read a book.

How fantastical is this?!

Another great, glass room.

This is perfect for catching up with friends undisturbed…

This feels like you’re living in a jungle!

For those who want to feel like they’re somewhere exotic…

A princess palace!

This is so picture perfect!

I love the idea of putting a bed in these spaces. A great place to nap!

What a brilliant idea!

A beach bungalow.

Beach time ladies!

This one fits well in its surroundings.

Country life has never looked so good!

The perfect doorway.

This would be perfect for watching the sun set.

An artist’s studio.

This is perfect for those with a creative and artistic heart.

Nothing is off-limits.


Interesting design choice!

This space is both indoors and out!

This is so girly, I love it!

It can even be a simple design.

This would be perfect for summer, don’t you think?

This is very minimal but refreshing.

This is perfect for the mom who wants five minutes peace and quiet.

Another space that is both inside and out.

The rustic look makes for a classic and charming she shed.

This is as good as an entire house!

This would make the perfect home away from home!

Another simply great design!

This is so stylish and groovy. I’d love to sleep over in there!

Transform the greenhouse into this:

This is breathtaking. I want one!

A hidden gem!

Who said hobbit holes were just for hobbits?

A place to invite some guests.

I would love to have something like this one day. It would be perfect for dinner parties on a warm summer’s night.

A tiny home. Or a playhouse for a child. Either way, it’s adorable!

It even has its own vegetable garden? How perfect!

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