20 Genius Hacks All Dog Owners Should Know

20 Genius Hacks All Dog Owners Should Know


Having a dog can be a real joy.

While the role of dog owner does have quite a few difficult moments, and a whole load of responsibility, it’s also filled with a lot of joy.

Here are amazing hacks that every dog owner should know. Your dog is going to love these!

Upset Tummy Cure

This trick is an amazing remedy for an upset tummy. Simply add some low sodium chicken broth to their water. This will help soothe their stomachs.


Kong Stuffing Substitute

Does your dog love those Kong toys? Instead of putting regular treats inside, why not try cheese or peanut butter?


Know What Foods Are Harmful to Your Dogs


If you allow your dog to eat human food, you need to know what foods can be harmful to them. Knowing what they should and shouldn’t eat could save their lives.


Make Shampoo Easier to Apply

Diluting your dog shampoo makes it easier to apply, and it’ll last longer.


Doggie Ice Pops

Even your dogs deserve a cool treat on a hot day. You can make them a giant ice pop by pouring water, a few toys and treats into a cake mold and freeze it. 




20 Genius Hacks All Dog Owners Should Know

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