18 Funny Pictures For People Who Need A LOL

18 Funny Pictures For People Who Need A LOL


It seems like the world is just filled with negativity.

With the recent terror attacks, the state of the economy, climate change, and politics, it just feels like the world is turning upside down.

In times like this we could all do with a good laugh, but trying to find something to laugh at is getting harder and harder.

But thankfully for you, I’ve searched all over the internet to try and find some hilarious photos that are bound to put a smile on your face!

Honestly, these photos are so funny I felt like my sides were about to split, I was laughing that hard.

There are definitely a few photos on this list that will make you wet yourself with laughter.

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So, without further delay, here are 18 hilarious photos that will make you LOL!

1. Daylight Savings

I love it when I get to sleep for an extra hour, but I absolutely hate losing an hour sleep in March! It’s the worst!

2. Our Of Orbit


So that’s how the dinosaurs became extinct! I thought they all died of a cold.

3. Law Breaker

Clearly, that kid needs a pair of glasses because he obviously didn’t read that sign.

4. Wifi

Thankfully I’ve got internet data on my phone so I can avoid awkward situations like this.

5. Wishful Thinking

Now that’s what I call wishful thinking… I think she’s talking about things that could actually happen.

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