18 Adorable Photos That Prove Animals Have No Concept Of Personal Space

18 Adorable Photos That Prove Animals Have No Concept Of Personal Space


Animals are adorable.

It’s a fact.

Don’t believe me? Google ‘adorable animals’ and your device screen will burst with photos of adorable animals.

Your heart will melt at the sight of it.

Most of us have pets or have had one (or more) in our life, so we all know how adorable they can be.

But we also know how annoying they can be at the same time.

True, we love our pets. We’ve created the concept of treating our pets like children, like our precious babies.

They’re not an animal, they’re a member of the family.

And animals are pretty clever, so they quickly learn that their being treated like royalty, so they begin to push the boundaries, knowing they won’t be told off (most of the time).

This is also how the idea of personal space becomes an alien concept to animals. Honestly, have you ever tried to sleep with your dog or cat trying to sleep on top of you?

It’s kind of crazy.

But because we love our pets, and we know they’re doing it because they love us, we let them get away with it.

But it just goes to show that animals have no idea what personal space is.

Here are a few adorable photos that prove just that.


Something is wrong with this picture… Shouldn’t it be a rubber duck in the bath, not a dog?


That cat’s a personal space invader!


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It’s a thing only non-pet owners get to experience… It’s really nice. Try it some time!


Because his cat isn’t aware of personal space, he didn’t manage to hand in his assignment on time… Oops!


Dogs are so weird!


Sometimes she has problems recognising personal space.

I bet family meals are awkward…


My pupper has no concept of personal space

The dog has a lovely view while his human has one he’d rather not see…



Penelope (Nellie for short) doesn’t respect personal space.

Wow, you two must be very close!


Ok, that’s really cute but also kind of creepy!


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Aww look, they’re best friends!


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Aww, he really is man’s best friend!


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‘What you reading?’


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Clearly, that little guy doesn’t like being left alone!


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This is so adorable and really touching!


Crazy cat lady selfie from funny

So that’s how crazy cat ladies get ready for dates…


Privacy doesn’t exist when you have pets.


Cats don’t care about your personal space.

Oh, look, a cat reading!


That’s your owner! Not a place to sit!

Does your pet understand the concept of personal space?

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