16 Elderly People Who Should Have Read Their Shirts Before Buying Them

16 Elderly People Who Should Have Read Their Shirts Before Buying Them


I love my grandparents. They know exactly what to say, and that’s because they’ve made mistakes before, and now they’re older they’ve gotten a lot wiser. They can tell you not to do something because they already know it’s not a good idea.

Elderly people are more awesome than we give them credit for. They’re funny, they know a lot of things and a lot of stories. They’ve seen the world in so many different lights, and they’ve seen war and destruction, yet most of them don’t let it change them.

They’ve seen everything and they’ve done everything. But they clearly didn’t see what these shirts said before buying them. Maybe they should have worn their glasses.

As much as we love our grandparents, we never want to see them in a shirt like this.

Bad Grandad

Well, that shirts going to make Christmas and special occasions very awkward.

Grandma’s Rules

Bored Panda

I think Grandma is letting the power go to her head…

Gangster Grandma

Bored Panda

But what about your sherry and boiled sweets?

Flower Pattern

Bored Panda

I wonder if she knows that’s not a flower pattern…

Grim Reaper OF Youth

Bored Panda

Aren’t hipsters the worst?


That must be one old shirt. At least it’s technically vintage then…

Laundry Day?

I’m really hoping its laundry day back at home and all his shirts aren’t like that.

Mr No

Can we burn that shirt? It hurts my eyes. Seriously dude, that’s a terrible shirt. 


Grandad Richard

That shirt makes him sound like a true gangster. I think I need that sweatshirt in my life. It’s truly amazing!


If she’s a grandma and a gangster, does that make her a gramster?

Sporty Grandad

All jokes aside, this is actually a nice shirt. Also, let’s have a round of applause for this awesome grandad! He’s truly one of a kind!

Hot Stuff

Now you know where your good looks come from.

Grumpy Grampa

The images… I may go blind now.

Vibe Killer

This grandad certainly knows how to have a good time and party!

That’s My Girl!

Now I know where I get my hatred for the world from. Thank you, Grandma!

Money Wise Grandad

Wait, is that how my grandad always manages to give me some money every time I visit?

These grandparents are truly crazy, but hey, you’ve got to love them!

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