15 Texts From People Who Have No Time For Flirting

15 Texts From People Who Have No Time For Flirting


Flirting through a text message is now somehow seen as romance, and with the rise of the smart phone technology, even love heart emoji’s and flowers count!

However, some people, thankfully, like to keep things more traditional when it comes to flirting and they just don’t have time for these saucy text messages, either that or they just don’t get it.

Shall we take a look at some people who totally shut down those flirty messages?

Here goes.

1. The dragon is in the tower

2. It’s like a series on Netflix

3. Henry the 8th

4.  More bunnies

5. Shakespeare in the making

6. Stay in the warmth

7. Katie isn’t a priority


8. Love is simply a myth

9. Money on my mind

10. Today, darling?

11. Is that a threat or a promise?

12. Waiting game

13. Somebody is locked out…

14. Get down with the lingo

15. Playing hard to get

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