15 Kind Hearted Kids Who Did Their Parents Proud!

15 Kind Hearted Kids Who Did Their Parents Proud!


Sometimes it can be hard to tell if you are doing a good job as a parent. How do you know if you are raising your kids in the right way?

Kids can be naughty, cheeky and although you do your best to teach them only good manners, you have no control over what they say or do.

But if you teach your kids to be kind, generous, helpful and caring, then the chances are they will grow up to be delightful human beings.

Here are 15 examples of parents who have completely nailed it and taught their kids the best ways possible.

These kids are true inspirations, and you’ll be thrilled to see that these are the next generation.

1. “How My Son Wanted To Spend The $120 He Saved This Year. Saturday Morning, My Son Walked Into My Room And Said He Wanted To Use His Money To Help The Homeless. I Asked Him What He Had In Mind, And He Said He Wanted To Make Them Lunches”

2. This 9 year old created a no -kill animal shelter in his garage. He called it The Happy Animals Club.

3. This little boy suffered 2 years of bullying whilst he grew his hair to donate to cancer patients who lost theirs during chemotherapy.

4. This adorable boy who helped the sculpture bunny

5. “My 3yr Old Daughter Saw A Little Girl Without Hair And Asked Why She Was Bald. I Explained She Was Sick And The Medicine Made Her Hair Fall Out. “oh. She Can Have Some Of My Hair,” She Said”

6. The little girl who sold all her stuffed animals at a yard sale and donating her earnings to the animal shelter

7. It’s Been Almost A Year Since We Took In The Neighborhood Stray And My Son Still Insists On Tucking Him In When He Naps “so He Knows That He Lives At Our House And Will Come Back.”


8. This little girl builds shelters for the homeless…and even grows food for them

9. She reads to the kitty to teach her

10. This is true teamwork

11. The 13 year old girl who makes her dad lunch for work every morning.

12. This cutie saved up his allowance to buy dog peanut butter for the dogs in the animal shelter

13. “She Found Out Our Dog Had To Get Shots, So Wile We Were Waiting In The Parking Lot Of The Vet Our Daughter Hugged Her And Told Her That Shots Hurt But It Will All Be Okay And That She Will Take The Dog To The Toy Store If She Was A Good Girl”

14. This 5 year old girl brought a baby cow into her home to give it a cuddle and keep it warm.

15. “When These Jurassic Park Battle Damage, Open Wounded, Dinosaurs Originally Came Out, People Complained How They Were Too Violent For Children. Yet Here’s My 2-year-old, Who Asked Me To Help Treat His Wounds, And Now Comforting Him”

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All images and quotes sourced from Bored Panda