15 Hilarious Things Only Chocolate Lovers Will Understand

15 Hilarious Things Only Chocolate Lovers Will Understand


If your anything like me then you’d die for chocolate.

To me, chocolate is what makes the world go around. It’s deliciously and it melts perfectly on our tongue.

There’s nothing better than chocolate ice cream to cool us down in the summer, and hot chocolate to warm us up in the winter.

It’s the perfect combination!

I also believe that chocolate is an esstential item on any shopping list! What do you think?

So, in celebration of chocolate and our undying love for it, here are a few things only chocolate lovers will understand.


You can’t find your car keys or phone but you know the exact location and amount of chocolate in the house!


You’ll never buy chocolate as a gift because you know you’ll eat it before you even have a chance to wrap it.



Toast is never complete without a nice helping of Nutella.


Easter is your favorite holiday because of chocolate Easter Eggs!


You never trust people who claim that they threw away some chocolate because it ‘went off’.

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