15 Celebrity Tweets That Prove That Parenting Is Never Glamorous!

15 Celebrity Tweets That Prove That Parenting Is Never Glamorous!


Tabloid photos of celebrity parents make it look like anyone who’s ever cracked the A-List finds parenthood stupidly easy. Seeing those photos can make you wonder what you’re doing wrong, after all, if Angelina finds it so easy, why don’t I? Well, newsflash! Just because their photographs are perfect, it doesn’t mean they’re not finding parenting as crazy and messy as the rest of us! Here are 12 tweets from celebrities who know that being a parent is messy, crazy and totally unpredictable!


Anna Faris is probably thinking life was easier when she was a House Bunny. Nothing prepares you for having to clean up after a toddler who’s peed himself. Nothing.

Sorry Pink, but you’re not going to be getting that kind of quiet again for a while! Although it will be a real show of strength when you can do the warrior pose with a toddler hanging off of one arm.

I don’t think I’ll look at any man in the same way again. Even Brad Pitt.

Maybe you should have learned a thing or two when you were in Buffy, Alyson. Being a witch could have been really helpful when it comes to picking up after kids!

That’s a good one, I’m totally using that. More ice cream for me!

Just wait until the kiddo discovers the box the train set came in. New favourite toy for life!

It doesn’t matter how many video games have your name on them, getting hit in the head with a Disney Princess is what happens when you become a dad.


That’s what you get for suggesting your child should put on pants.

Oh Ross, I hope you didn’t tell Monica about all this projectile poo. I think she’d have a heart attack!

Even in Cougar Town, the second you have a baby you’re saying goodbye to your private peeing privileges for at least a few years.

Well, you learn something new every day. I just hope Christina didn’t pierce her baby girl’s ears without permission like she did to poor Emma in Friends!

Being a Disney Princess is easy, being a Mom is hard! Let’s see if Princess Anna’s husband agrees…

Well, lucky for #dadbeast he doesn’t have to fight his way up to Elsa’s snow castle with two kids under 3!

Trust Dadpool to pull no punches when it comes to raising his kids!

If I had a dollar for every half eaten fish stick or french fry I’d finished off I’d be rich enough to hire Carrie Underwood to perform at my birthday party!

Not so glamorous after all, is it? I don’t know about you, but I’m currently considering myself lucky that I don’t have to be a Mom and also deal with the paparazzi too! Now I’m gonna have to go, I’ve got to teach a certain toddler that this is not how you play basketball…



15 Celebrity Tweets That Prove That Parenting Is Never Glamorous!

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