14 People Who Thought They Knew It All, But Actually Knew Nothing

14 People Who Thought They Knew It All, But Actually Knew Nothing


We don’t want to get all judgemental, and we believe in everyone making their own choices in this world, but there’s still definitely a wrong way to do things. And, these 15 people are majorly doing it wrong. It seems that sometimes it’s the simplest things that catch people out.

We’ll give these folks the benefit of the doubt just this once, but we’re baffled by how some people actually make it through day to day life without severely injuring themselves.

If you’re having a bad day, this will give you hope that there’s someone out there who gets it wrong more often, and more spectacularly, than you do!

Take a look at these 15 people who thought they knew it all, but actually knew nothing at all.

1. Those who don’t know how to spell

… Another reason why crime doesn’t pay…

2. Those who can’t read between the lines


3. Those who weren’t cut out for performing

It’s the thought that counts, right? Oh, who am I kidding?

4. Those who can’t see practicality

You have shoes, wear them!

5. Those who can’t focus on the task in hand

Maybe you shouldn’t focus on the book and actually focus on the road!

6. Those who just have bad ideas

Aww, who’s a clever girl? …Sadly, not her…

7. Those who don’t understand the term ‘accessible’

I wonder if they’ve tested out how accesable that really is for the disabled…


8. Those who don’t know anything about health and fitness

Working out has never been so filling! Hmm, I wonder if my gym has pizza.

9. Or what’s acceptable when it comes to food

Who puts bananas with pasta? That’s an insult to italian food!

10. He’s not doing well here.

Reading about fasting is hungry work…

11. He’s using a car charger to fill air in his tyres

What on earth is he trying to do? That’s not where you charge your car or fill it up with gas…

12. She has no idea

At least she’s cute and has ‘team spirit’…

13. He doesn’t quite understand how a chair works.

Maybe we have to start teaching children how to sit on chairs… What a world we live in…

14. Or a can opener

Now don’t quote me on this, but I’m not sure that’s how you open a jar of marmalade…

What do you you think of these people who thought they were doing it right, but were actually doing it completely wrong?

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All images sourced from Awesome Inventions