13 People Share Their Scariest And Most Embarrassing Medical Stories

13 People Share Their Scariest And Most Embarrassing Medical Stories


Everyone gets nervous when it comes to seeing the doctor.

Whether you’re going to check up on a lump or if it’s just a routine check up.

Suddenly, every little itch and scratch seem like the ticking of time, telling you that your time is almost up. 

Here are thirteen of people’s most embarrassing medical stories.


I gave birth two weeks ago and got an epidural, apparently those things make it impossible to hold in a fart. Did not know that. My technique to cover it up was talking loudly every time I farted.



 I got circumcised at 13. After the bloody mess, the doc pointed to some towels for me to wipe off with and left the room. After I was finished, the doctor, my mom, and I had a brief debrief of the operation, and he boasted and elaborated to my mother how many stitches he had to use because my penis was so large.

My mother had the most awkward face I’d ever seen.




I became sexually active when I turned 18. I knew about sex, where babies came from, etc. Thanks to sex ed classes. So my boyfriend at the time and I had protected sex (condoms and birth control) 99.9% of the time we had sex.

Well, we slipped up once, but I thought, no big deal. I’m on birth control anyway.

Weeks later, I’m a couple hours away from taking a test for a class and I get these cold sweats. I’m talking extreme. Then I get this ridiculous pain close to where I thought my ovaries were. I felt like I was dying. I googled my symptoms and the first thing to pop up was an ectopic pregnancy. I immediately panicked.

I went to my professor, who saw that I was in no state to even come to class. He sent me home.

I asked my friend to drive me to the ER. I saw the doctor and told him of my suspicions. He asked me what i had eaten that day and pushed down on certain areas of my stomach.

Turns out, the food I ate and the time I ate it gave me gas that got trapped.



My father is a nurse. He used to be an ER nurse (he now works in patient transport, which is a bit less nutty). He once came home from a night shift, and said to me, with a straight face.

“You know you’re a trained professional when you manage to keep a straight face while taking a lava lamp out of a woman.”

I did not stop laughing for a solid minute.




13 People Share Their Scariest And Most Embarrassing Medical Stories

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