13 Hilarious Texts Only Moms Would Send To Their Kids

13 Hilarious Texts Only Moms Would Send To Their Kids


Sometimes, Moms are simply not as good at texting as their children are.

Therefore, we have plenty of hilarious texts sent by Moms to serve as examples of their inability to work these devices as well as their offspring.

In fact, we probably all know someone who is like this when they are texting us and it’s funny to share some of these epic fails because we can all relate to them. Other times, Moms are using this new technology to say things that they probably shouldn’t say and therefore, it has become an empowering device for them.  

Either way, these are some of the funniest texts that Moms have sent to their kids because they are full of unique personalities that give us even more reason to love them.  

See for yourself:

The answer to this one is obvious but Mom still doesn’t get it.

Sometimes humor is the best medicine. She should just let it go.

In this case, texting saved this kid from complete abandonment.

The fact that she calls it ‘the Google’ is funny enough!

Sometimes the correct answer is right in front of her face.

True. YOLO! Maybe I should get a new car. . .


It did feel like it needed a response. . .

100 bucks for food?  My room would be clean in a second!

The funniest joke so far!

Either way, it was used appropriately. Especially if the kid was bad in Chemistry.

Just reading these responses makes you wonder if Mom always needed this outlet.

Sometimes it takes Mum a while to figure out this new technology.

This Mom is using technology to make her kid feel better.  That’s nice.

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