12 Things Only Women Will Be Able To Relate To

12 Things Only Women Will Be Able To Relate To


Being a woman in a world dominated by men is hard. It’s like trying to walk on a tightrope above a field of landmines.

But because we’re awesome, we manage to survive this (most of the time).

Being a woman is hard work, but it’s just another reason why we women rock.

There are some things in this world men will never understand, as only women will ever be able to relate.

The saying goes ‘Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars’ and these hilarious tweets from our favorite females proves this is very true indeed.

To demonstrate just how awesome women are, we gathered together a list of hilarious tweets from some very funny women who understand the trials and tribulations of being a woman.

Take a look at what these ladies are saying and see if YOU can relate to these:

1. We just want to be debt free

We’d appreciate financial donations over catcalling. Please bare this in mind gentlemen…

2. Hello Darkness

This one is hilarious… We can all relate to this. Boys think this happens just to them, how wrong they are!

3. Keeping it classy

It may be tasty but I don’t think it’s good for your lips… Don’t try this one at home, or do… I’m not your mother.

4. This is a certainty

This is why tank top pjs are a terrible idea. yes, they look cute but they’re terrible!

5. This is a GREAT film

When everyone around you is having children, crisis is never ending…

6. This is me


Don’t you agree? I always feel like a roll of pork in a bikini like that… Those strings go everywhere…

7. They say it’s simple

You said it was simple. Something simple consists of 1-3 steps, not 9 steps and an exam!

8. It isn’t working

You can always count on kids, right? Who am I kidding? Of course, you can’t!

9. That’s the real reason why

It’s funny because it’s true! My mom jeans are at nipple height now!

10. When you gonna say when?

Never come between a woman and her food.

11. We all have that one pair of shoes

This is especially awkward when you’re walking down a quite corridor…

12. Yep I hear you, sister

When you reach a certain age, babies are expected to drop out of you…

What did you think of these tweets? Can you relate?

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