12 Things That Get Better With Age

12 Things That Get Better With Age


Although we all want to stay youthful, the truth is, a lot of things in life actually get better with age. We may not really appreciate the older things, but I hope this post makes you realize sometimes lamb really is better than mutton.

Take a look at these 12 things that improve with age.


The older and smellier the cheese is, the better it usually tastes. You can’t say that about many things in this world.


And what better way to enjoy your cheese than with a glass of wine? Wine gets richer, fuller and stronger when left to age. Sounds a little like you ladies!


As you get older, you no longer take your kids on vacation. This means one thing – you get to relax, and lets face it, who doesn’t want that?

Your Home

As your kids no longer go on vacation with you, most of the time this means they don’t live with you either. Say hello to a tidy home!

No more dirty laundry hanging around or piles of dishes in the sink.


When you first get a new haircut it can be a little shocking, not just for you, but for everyone who sees you after the big chop. However, with a little time, people soon get used to your new look.


When you start a new relationship, things can be unsettling. You are faced with uncertainty and maybe even a little anxiety, however over time, your trust gets stronger and you feel much more at ease with your lover.

Comfort is key for a strong relationship.



There’s something about how a quality leather wallet or jacket softens up and starts to radiate more character over time… It’s like the piece becomes a part of you.


Same with denim, too. Distressed denim is WAY cooler than new, crisp clean denim.

Cast Iron Skillets

The longer you cook with your cast-iron skillet, the more seasoning and flavor it starts to collect. Think bacon is good?

Cook that bad boy in an aged skillet. (You’re welcome.)

Your new mattress

The more you sleep on your mattress, the more your shape moulds into it and it becomes the perfect fit for you. It’s so cosy!

And how about this one?

Your Attitude

When you are younger, you think you know everything! As you get older, you realize you actually don’t know a lot of the things you though you did!

Your Confidence

One thing that certainly improves with age is your confidence! Women become much more confident as they get older, and so they should!

You ladies are FABULOUS and it’s about time you realize how incredible you are!

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