12 Signs That You’ve Found Your Best Friend For Life

12 Signs That You’ve Found Your Best Friend For Life


These days it’s hard to find someone you can call best friend because it seems like friends just come and go.

Everyone seems like they’re trying to compete for acceptance in one capacity or another.

it’s sad to think that the true meaning of friendship has been distorted and long forgotten.

But sometimes you meet someone who proves all of that wrong. You meet someone who makes you think a future of friendship and laughter with them isn’t impossible at all.

Here are a few signs that prove you’ve found your best friend.

No Selfishness

You’re very generous towards your best friend and the same goes for them. Whether it’s clothes, money, experience, or even time. There’s no hesitation when they ask to borrow something.

You always ask them to tag along whenever you have the opportunity to experience something new.


You know you can always count on them whenever you’re in trouble.

If you need advice, they’re there. If you need help, they’re there. No matter what, they’ll always be there for you.

Trouble Makers

Fancy causing trouble? Well, you know exactly who you’d call in these situations.



We consider them family, like an additional sibling you can’t help but love unconditionally. Your best friend is close with your parents, who also consider them to be an extra child.

Your grandparents know them too. They basically become a part of the furniture. 


You can both travel together for long periods of time without wanting to kill each other. This is something most people struggle to do. You can’t so do this with just anyone!




A good friend is like a good bra, they’re always there to support you!

A best friend for life boosts you up, they never drag you down.

Make It Work

Life will get in the way from time to time, but that doesn’t matter.

What matters is the extra effort you put into your relationship. Whether it’s a text or a phone call. If they’re worth it, you’ll always make it work.


You don’t feel the need to spend every waking moment with her. You’re able to do your thing and have your own set of friends without feeling any sort of jealousy.

Not Faking

You can be who you are with your friend. A best friend for life truly accepts you for who you are, what you are, and why you are the way you are.

No Bad Blood

Misunderstandings are unavoidable, but you and your bestie can talk it out like mature adults. You never let it escalate into a full blown problem. 

No Hiding

You don’t need to hide your emotions. Yo can cry in front of them, and they’ll know what to do to help you in your hour of need.

Speak Your Mind

You don’t sugar coat things just to make it sound better. Both of you can share each other’s opinions without being offended. You value what they say. 

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