12 Reasons Why You’re More Awesome Than You Think

12 Reasons Why You’re More Awesome Than You Think


It’s through difficult times and through struggles that we find direction and purpose.

Sometimes making necessary sacrifices to keep going can seem daunting and almost impossible at times.

But it’s important that we find beauty in ourselves and see how amazing we really are.

No one has the right to take this splendid quality from us.

You can tolerate others despite their faults

You still find a reason to smile despite being taken for granted and inflicted with scorn.

Your heart is filled with love and second chances.

You can wait for your turn

You’re not always in haste or in a hurry. You understand the value of time and patience.

At the end of the day you understand everything will turn out in your favor, one way or another.

You are empathetic

You find it easy to relate to others who are going through difficult situations.

You understand their tribulations and in your there is a need to help them.

You do not seek perfection

You don’t seek perfect from yourself or others.

You know that it’s not possible to be perfect. So you learn to live life this way and stop acting so seriously.

That’s why you’re more relaxed and live with fewer regrets.

You can take risks

You take the chances you’re given in life. This means you don’t easily give up hope, and you can show your grit and determination in the toughest of circumstances.

You do not compare yourself with others

Making comparisons to others is the worst thing a person can do to their self-esteem.

You understand this and find reasons not to be jealous or envious of others.


You are grateful

You appreciate others and say thank you when they help you.

You’re not afraid to show appreciation and gratitude.

You are willing to help others

You’re selfless and you find joy in offering your time and energy.

You understand purpose is in contribution, not in setting boundaries.

You live with no regrets

We all make mistakes. But you’ve come to term with the fact that you can’t change the past.

There’s purpose and peace in letting go of hurt.

You are self-aware

You know what your limits are.

You also know what you can take and what you cannot take. Beyond this you do not stretch yourself, rather you can embrace yourself and work positively within your abilities.

You can deal with pain

Just as there are joys and fun moments, there are struggles you have to put up with. Through these struggles, you can fight and win. You do not let pain define you, rather you define pain.

You can listen

Sometimes you just need to listen to others. To be attentive and supportive.

You are approachable and always ready to listen.

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