12 Health Problems Your Hands And Nails Can Warn You About

12 Health Problems Your Hands And Nails Can Warn You About


You may not know how important the condition of your hands and nails can be to revealing issues that you may have with your health.  Once acknowledged, you can seek treatment sooner rather than later.  However, first you’re going to need to know what to look out for.

Dr. Richard Russell, a consultant respiratory physician has this to say, “I always make a point of shaking hands when I meet a patient for the first time, Not only is it the best way to put a patient at ease but hands and nails can be one of the best windows into the body’s internal workings.”

Here are 12 signs that your hands and nails reveal about your health:

1. Blue or white fingertips.

This could mean that you have poor circulation.  A condition also known as Raynaud’s syndrome. They can sometimes suffer from numbness, tingling and pain.  Dr. Russell says,” “In more serious cases, blue fingertips can be a sign of low oxygen levels in the body.”

“If accompanied by symptoms such as a fever it could be a sign of pneumonia, or if it occurs after exercise, may be an early sign of a long-term lung disease.”

2. Nail ridges.

Raised, horizontal ridges or lines on your nails can mean that you are recovering from a serious illness such as cancer. Also,  if your body is fighting a serious illness, your nails will stop growing altogether.


3. Pale nail beds.

If your nails are consistently white or pale, this could mean that you have an iron deficiency. This can lead to fatigue, dizziness and heart problems.

4. Dark nail streak.

In some rare cases, a dark streak in your nail bed can mean melanoma which is a dangerous skin cancer that needs to be addressed immediately.

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