Only 1/10 Native English Speakers Can Complete This Word Association Test

Only 1/10 Native English Speakers Can Complete This Word Association Test


Let’s play a game we’re all familiar with.

Word association.

It’s something we use to play when we were children.

I remember when I was a kid, I used to love playing word association games.

I never used to be very good at them, but I loved them all the same. I think it is important to challenge your brain on regular basis, especially as we get older. Naturally, with age we become sucked into our own routines, often without even noticing, we barely even have to think much anymore.

It all comes second nature, it’s kind of like we are on autopilot. Obviously, at times autopilot is the thing that saves us, but our brain are pretty extraordinary things and great things happen when we use. The potential is massive.

It’s a bit of fun, or at least that’s what we all think.

It turns out that it could be more than fun. It could actually beneficial to our health.

Because we’re put on the spot to think of words, it’s exercising our brain. Which is important.

Despite their age, most people have old brains, this is because their brain hasn’t been exercised frequently or effectively.

We should challenge our brains on a daily basis so that they stay young, smart, and healthy.

Be honest, do you really want an old brain trapped inside the head of a 30-year-old’s head? Because that’ll just lead to trouble!


There are so many people who struggle to play a game of word association because they struggle to link certain words together without spending minutes thinking.

It goes without saying but this is bad news, and it’s not a sign of a healthy brain.

Are you one of the elite few who can complete this word association test with flying colors?

Time to find out, what are you waiting for?

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Good luck.

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