11 Reasons Why Being A Mom Rocks!

11 Reasons Why Being A Mom Rocks!


I’m not going to lie and say being a mother is the best job because it’s easy.

Being a mom is hard work because you’re having to try and do five different things all at once.

There are some moms out there who have the luxury of having a full-time nanny, but unfortunately, it’s something not every woman can afford to do, especially if that mom is working two jobs just to survive.

Its moments of stress and exhaustion can really make being a mother feel impossible, but thankfully moms find a way to get through it. It’s incredible, to be honest with you.

Most people think being a mom involves looking after your child, but there is so much more to it.

It’s a massive task that never ends, even when you’re children are adults!

Here are a few reasons why being a mom is one of the best jobs in the world.


Whether you child is tired, needs comfort, or they just want a hug, it’s pretty amazing to be on the top of someone’s cuddle list.

Meeting your newborn

Honestly, nothing beats it meeting your newborn for the very first time. Holding your tiny baby in your arms after nine months of discomfort is a pretty incredible moment.


You can eat cake every day during your pregnancy safe in the knowledge that you don’t have to worry about it for now. And if you breastfeed you can keep it up even longer!

Sharing your passion

Whether it’s baking, painting, nature, or books, you can share your passions with your kids. Teaching your children about it is always a special occasion. 


Whether it’s the first time they read a book to you, their first steps, the nursery nativity, or even going off to uni. Whatever stage your children are at, you’ll always be proud of them.

Constant challenges


There’s nothing boring about parenting!

You learn so much about yourself, and you also learn how to interact with other people. Thankfully, you also learn how to control your temper and how to persuade people to do things they don’t want to do! Being a mom is rather useful!

Maternity leave

A year off of work with the world’s tiniest boss? Yes, please! Even if your new boss turns out to be a dictator!

Behaving like a kid

From dancing with your kids to helping them collect sticks or count ants, being a mom helps you feel like a big kid again!


Christmas isn’t the same without kids cheering when they find Santa has left them a lot of presents under the tree this year.

Christmas with kids is magical, from cutting out paper snowflakes to putting out a carrot for Rudolph on Christmas Eve.

The questions

Ok, honestly this bit drives me mad, but it’s still an important part of being a mother.

Our kids ask so many questions, it’s sometimes annoying, but it just shows that they’re interested in the world and very curious. It’s always cute to see that.

Greatest excuse of all time

Being a mom is the best excuse to get away with certain things like not washing your hair, or staying in on a Friday night. It’s even a great excuse to put your feet up and open that bottle of wine!

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