10 Times Red Pandas Were The Greatest

10 Times Red Pandas Were The Greatest


There’s no way to argue against it, red pandas are pretty dang cute animals. No wait, what I mean is they’re un-freakin’-believably adorable. Although they both sound pretty similar, they are actually a pretty distant relative to the black-and-white giant panda. Maybe the giant panda is more famous, but the red panda is just as much of an amazing creature. Here are 10 times red pandas were the greatest…

Red Pandas Love To Play in the Snow

We all love to frolic in the snow, and nobody more than this little guy. Do you think they ever build snow-pandas? I really hope they do!

Sometimes They’re Too Short To Open Doors

Jurassic Park would’ve been way less scary if instead of raptors, a bunch of red pandas had been brought back to life, then escaped.

They Can Be Adorable Jerks

That most human of traits, being a jerk, is kinda forgivable when you’re this cute.

Secretly, They Are Deadly Ninjas

Their faces are way too cute to be covered up with a ninja mask. Nobody would like to run into this assassin in a dark alley at night… oh no wait, we all would.

They Overreact Easily

VERY easily! Such drama queens.

This Guy Hasn’t Got The Hang Of Pouncing Yet



That look just says, “Did I do good?”. I’m not sure about you, but I wouldn’t have the heart to tell this panda that it was a pretty poor attempt.

Red Pandas Love Doing Pull-Ups

Do you even lift, bro? This panda definitely does, working hard in the gym on his or her… er, delts? Or something? I don’t know, I’m usually about as lazy as your average red panda.

They Can Be A Little Derpy

We can all be a little uncoordinated at times though!

But They Got Swag

This red panda can certainly walk the walk, the little dude has gotten it’s strut down to a fine art.

Red Pandas Just Love A Nap

Don’t we all? They’re mainly nocturnal, so they have a pretty good excuse. This is like the middle of the night to them.

Red pandas are just the greatest. Their name translates from Chinese to ‘firefox’, which is cool. They’re secret carnivorous badasses; they mainly eat bamboo, but also like insects, birds eggs and small lizards, which is cool. Also, they stand on their hind legs to make themselves look larger when threatened and use their sharp claws to defend themselves. Which is definitely cool. I mean, have you ever met a red panda you didn’t like? Exactly.



10 Times Red Pandas Were The Greatest

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