10 Things You’ll Only Understand If Your Young At Heart

10 Things You’ll Only Understand If Your Young At Heart


Age is not about how old you are, it’s about how young you feel.

People who are young at heart are more likely to have a healthier life, according to a recent Harvard study.

There are many ways you can feel young at heart like getting a hobby, going on adventures with your friends and family

But the most important way is by remembering that you’ve never been the age you currently are before, so you’re allowed to act a little childish at times.

1. You See The Humor In Life

Children often find it easier to find the fun and humor in anything.

If you’re young at heart, you too find it easier to laugh at the little things in your life.

2. You Love To Be Outside

Adventure is a big part of being young at heart.

Making the most out of your day is important. It can make a boring day feel ten times better.

Adults who are young at heart appreciate nature whenever they are around it, and they feel happier when they’re outside. 

3. You Think It’s Important To Try New Things

By experiencing new things you start to develop skills and learn new things. Many adults fear the unknown, but when you’re a child at heart, you love exploring new things.

4. You Try To Be Courageous, Instead Of Fearful

Children lives are often filled with many opportunities for fun and adventure. They’re not held back by the fear of rejection or the unknown.

Adults who are young at heart embrace life easier, they seize every opportunity they can get their hand on.

5. You Appreciate The Little Things

When you’re a child you learn to become aware of the small details, the little things in life.

From watching ants walking information to collecting interesting stones.

Children notice and see beauty everywhere in life, just like adults who are young at heart.


They see the world as inspiring and vast, and they don’t want to miss even a minute of it.

6. You Don’t Hold Grudges

By letting go of bad feelings, you’re able to hold onto positive and happier memories.

7. You Enjoy Interacting With Animals

Unexpectedly seeing animals fills you with joy.

You can always find time in your day to give animals your love and attention.

8. You Love Making New Friends

Adults who are children at heart make friends easier than everyone else.

They seize the opportunity for a new adventure with a new person.

9. You Embrace Being Creative

Creativity is a trait often lost when we fade out of childhood into adulthood.

Young hearted folk set time aside to be creative with their life and create something interesting.

10. You Are Proud Of Your Scars

Life will often leave you scarred and bruised, however, it’s how you pick yourself up and learn from those scars that’s important. 

That’s what counts.

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