10 Things Only True Chocolate Lovers Will Understand

10 Things Only True Chocolate Lovers Will Understand


I don’t know about you guys, but when I was growing upI use to dream about owning my own chocolate river, just like the one Willy Wonka owned.

I love chocolate. It’s amazing, and I try to have at least a small bar of chocolate once a day.

The way it melts in your mouth is simply dreamy. I love those bitter, sweat, and salty notes that hit your tongue as it melts.

My mouth is watering just at the thought of chocolate.

Chocolate has to be the greatest thing ever discovered. It’s like your boyfriend and lover rolled into one package.

Here are a few things only true chocolate lovers will understand.

Bon appetite chocoholics!

Overindulgence is not a thing

Too much chocolate. I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you mean.

Whenever you eat chocolate you let go of control. How many chocolate bars have you eaten in one sitting? One? Three? Five? Who cares? We don’t regret a thing

You order anything at a restaurant that has the word chocolate in it

Finding what you want to eat is very easy for you at a restaurant.

If a meal has chocolate in it multiple times, you’re going to be eating it!

You’re never going back to a restaurant that doesn’t serve chocolate dessert.

Black or white, you don’t discriminate

Comparing the benefits of dark chocolate versus white chocolate is like a dog trying to catch its own tail.

It gets you nowhere. Black, white, Hershey’s or Cadbury, they are all worth it!

You want to punch people who say, “Chocolates are not healthy”

I’m sorry, but I don’t think you understand the definition of healthy. Let’s ponder this equation, shall we?

Health = Happiness = Chocolate. 

See, undeniable proof that chocolate is healthy!

Accept the truth, people. Chocolates heal, soothe, enlighten and make everything better.

You don’t trust people who say, “I hate chocolates”


Did you just claim that you don’t like chocolates?

Either you are lying or you have a terrible undiagnosed disease of the taste buds. 

You dip everything in chocolate because everything in chocolate is amazing

You know that strawberries are divine when dipped in chocolate, but so are vegetables and pretzels!# Yes that’s right.

Carrots and broccoli taste so much better when covered in chocolate. 

You insist on a chocolate cake for every friend’s birthday

It’s not a celebration without cake! But what kind of cake should we get? Vanilla, lemon, or chocolate? 

All the other flavors can go home, I’m only interested in chocolate!

Sharing and chocolate are two words that don’t belong together

Sharing is caring, but not when it comes to chocolate sharing is an abomination!

It is quite alright to be selfish at times, especially when chocolate is involved.  

It is acceptable to eat chocolate at any time of the day

Belgian waffle with chocolate syrup or chocolate chip granola for breakfast? No problem!

Dark chocolate peanut butter brownies for lunch. No problem? You get the picture…You are open to enjoying deliciousness throughout the day. Don’t judge.

You have secret hideouts for chocolates

You have countless chocolate hiding places, from your coat pocket to the top of the fridge.

You’ve even got some hidden in the linen closet!

Chocolate can always be found in your house, even if you have to play hide and seek to try and find it.

In a world of uncertainty and chaos, there is one thing we can count on. Chocolate.

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