10 Stories Of Rude Behaviour People Couldn’t BELIEVE They Witnessed!

10 Stories Of Rude Behaviour People Couldn’t BELIEVE They Witnessed!


There is no need for people to be rude, and these people witnessed some of the rudest! You won’t believe some of these stories!

1. Grocery Store Jerks

I was at a grocery store checkout once, and I saw these three college kids having a field day with a poor clerk who was trying to bag up their groceries. The whole thing, apparently, started when he dropped a bottle of wine they were buying. He apologized, cleaned up the mess, and rushed back to get them another bottle.

While he was gone, they started talking about what a “complete idiot” he was. They proceeded to make fun of the way he looked, the way he was dressed, his weight, his glasses, you name it. When the poor guy got back, they didn’t let up. They started insulting him right to his face, calling him a whole litany of terrible things until they had him on the verge of tears.

The kid was only about 16, and I could see how he was probably an easy target for any bully. I was bagging up my own stuff, but I was completely mesmerized by this entire exchange. Suddenly, the kid must have said something because one of the guys reached out and popped him across the face. It wasn’t a punch or a hard slap, just some wussy little pop meant to humiliate him.

To my amazement, the kid didn’t walk away. He just stood there red faced with tears welling up in his eyes. The dude reached out and popped him again. These guys were laughing like there was no tomorrow.

I had had enough. I stepped up to this college guy, pulled a 20 dollar bill out of my wallet, and told him that I would give it to them if they would hit me like that. They stared at me for a second like I had lost my mind.

I am a little over six feet tall, and I weigh around 225. I don’t consider myself to be a tough guy but, needless to say, they didn’t want any part of me. I told them to apologize. They hurried for the parking lot.

I let them leave, and then pulled the kid aside and told him to never let anyone push him around like that. He just broke down in tears and sobbed on my shoulder. It turned out that his dad had died only a year earlier, and he and his mom were all alone in the world.

I gave the kid my card, and told him to call if there was ever anything I could do for him. I never saw or heard from him again.


2. The Brat

First off, I only marginally blame the kid in this story for the incident. The parent was the rude one, not the kid. I still really didn’t like the little brat though.

I was in an airport, waiting for my layover to end. I was tired, in pain from my neck seizing up, and a bit crabby, so I put on my headphones and pulled out my tablet to watch some Netflix. Armed with my little blanket, my show, and some cookies, I was going to wait like a champ and not burst into tears at being so miserable.


And that’s when The Brat approached me.

“I wanna see your iPad,” he said. He couldn’t have been more than 7.

“No, kid. You don’t ask strangers to play with their stuff. Now go back to your mom,” I replied, probably a bit testily.

“I wanna play a game!” He demanded.

“No! Now go back to your mother now, or I’ll drag you there!” I snapped back.

That was when he kicked me in the knee (it happened to be my bad knee that was a bit sensitive, too), grabbed my cookies, and ran back to his mom.

I picked up my things and stormed over to her. I was already in an extremely bad mood and her out of control child had just made it so much worse.

“Lady, your kid just stole my cookies and kicked me. What are you going to do about it?” I said, tersely.

“Well, I sent him over to see if he could use your tablet to entertain himself for a bit…”

Unbelievable. This woman thought it would be okay to tell her child to bother a complete stranger for their expensive electronics, and then she didn’t reprimand him for stealing and kicking when he didn’t get what he wanted.

Can’t wait to see how that kid turns out. Some people shouldn’t be allowed to have kids.

– Kimberly Lewis



10 Stories Of Rude Behaviour People Couldn’t BELIEVE They Witnessed!

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