10 Reasons Why Being A Domestic Goddess Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be

10 Reasons Why Being A Domestic Goddess Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be


It seems weird that, even in the 21st century, there is still pressure on women to be some kind of magical domestic goddess who keeps the house spotless and the dinner tasty and warm.

But let’s be honest ladies, most of us aren’t domestic goddesses. So should we really try our hardest to be one? Surely it wasn’t meant to be? 

Of course, we should all try and make things clean and tidy and keep up with chores, but that’s not being a domestic goddess, that’s just being responsible.

The idea of a woman spending her days slaving away in the kitchen is a stereotype from the past and it should have no influence on your ability to be a good partner.

Not only does cooking and cleaning have nothing to do with your desirability, it has nothing to do with your femininity either. 

Here are a few reasons why it just doesn’t matter anymore. 

1. 1950s

We don’t live in the 1950s. It’s over guys! So let’s move on and get rid of these 1950s values.

2. More To Offer

You’re smart, funny and different.

You have so much else to offer, so does cleaning the house really matter? No!

3. Helping Hand

Your partner should be splitting the domestic chores with you. If you’re living with them, it’s their mess too!

4. Get Rid

If they don’t agree with you then get rid of them. Do you really want to be with someone who thinks these chores are your responsibility? You’re a team, so you split the work evenly.

If they think you should do it because you’re women, tell them to take a hike.

5. Eating Out


Whether you’re eating takeout food or eating out, it always tastes better than trying to do it for yourself.

6. Marriage Material

There’s no such thing as marriage material. It’s a stupid idea that suggests some people are worthy of love and commitment while others aren’t.

7. You’re Not A Total Mess

Most adults can cook and clean a little bit, as long as you can take care of yourself, that’s all that matters!

8. Perfect The Way You Are

If you are talented with domestic chores, that makes you no less of a woman.

9. Other Things To Do

A clean house is a sign of a wasted life, so but down the broom and make some memories!

Trust me, it makes you a more well-rounded person.

10. Because You’re A Goddess Somewhere

Aren’t other skills more important?

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