10 Reasons Why Big Sisters Are Absolutely Number One

10 Reasons Why Big Sisters Are Absolutely Number One


If you have a big sister, you’ll probably know these three things. One, that she’s the one you turn to when your mother isn’t there. Two, that she may or may not be ever so slightly cooler than you. Maybe. And three, that she’s always been the one who actually knows how to deal with it when you give her attitude.

If you know you’d pick your sister if she wasn’t family already, here are some of the reasons why.

1. She’s your first and best friend

Big sisters have literally always been there. Your life will undoubtedly involve dirty nappies, terrible haircuts, and over-dramatic breakups… And she’ll have been there to witness all of it! Yet at the end of the day, despite how much of a drama queen you are, she’ll still always love you unconditionally.

2. You can share her wardrobe

Her clothes have always looked more flattering on you, haven’t they? Two wardrobes are better than one. Just remember to always ask before you borrow, and give them back when you’re done (things that we have all, definitely, absolutely, 100% been doing, of course…).

3. She knows how to handle anything life throws at you

Because she’s been there, done that. Your big sister is like the personification of an instruction manual, and it’s a welcome feeling to have someone who will always understand your struggles.

4. With her, nothing is taboo

Boundaries? What are those? You can dance around in your underwear and have a deep conversation with her while one of you is using the loo. Awkward moments just aren’t a thing, and this kind of freedom is unique to having a sibling.

5. She’s taught you all of the music, movies, and fashion trends from way back when


And since trends come and go in cycles, you can always stay ahead of the game. Watching every 90’s movie is also a thing that you’ve probably done, no matter how cheesy they are.

6. She’s totally honest all the time

It’s part of the human experience to make an awful decision, but you can count on your sister to tell it to you like it is. She won’t beat around the bush and will give it to you straight, unlike some of your mates who might sugar coat their advice to spare your feelings.

7. Her home is your home

When you’re so done with life and just need to get away, your big sister’s door is always open. She has a good choice in takeaway, a pet dog, and you can just snuggle up and binge watch Netflix until life is less overwhelming.

8. She knows who you are

In all senses of the word. She knows when you’re not doing your personal best and is around to remind you of all the things you’re really capable of when you’re feeling low. She’ll be your biggest fan for life.

9. Big sisters are cheaper than therapy

When you need that someone to talk to who always knows what to say, she’s there. She’ll be there even if you don’t fully realise how right she is at first (but we won’t tell her we said that).

10. She’ll always be by your side

A real go-to lady, your big sister is always there no matter what situation you’re in. At the end of the day, there’s nothing you could do or say that would make her abandon you, and that’s why she’s number one.