10 Inspirational Teachers To Celebrate National Teachers Day

10 Inspirational Teachers To Celebrate National Teachers Day


We’ve all had at least one teacher in our lives that have inspired us in some way or another.

Someone who’s made us think about our future and has even had an impact on it!

We don’t often look back at school in a positive light, but when you take a moment to think about your time at school, and your teachers, was it really that bad?

Today is Teacher Appreciation Day in the US.

It’s a day we take a couple of minutes out of our day to think about the incredible things our teachers did for us.

Here are a few inspirational teachers who deserve a bit of love on this special day.


This young Iranian boy has cancer, but his teacher visits him every day to fill him in on what he missed at school.


A University student had to bring her baby to class because she couldn’t afford a nanny.

When he started screaming, her professor scooped him up and calmed him down while carrying on with his lecture.


A teacher found one of his students among the rubble which was caused by the tornado in Moore, Ok.  


This teacher went to work in his pjs to protest finals being held at 7 am.



After a teacher complimented a student on his shoes, the whole class chipped in to get him the same pair for Christmas!



This teacher wore the same clothes for school photos for 40 years!


This teacher decided to let a female student finish her cigarette in the bathroom while he sat outside waiting to suspend her.


This teacher didn’t have a map, so he drew one himself!




A student was sleeping in class, so this teacher decided to clap in front of him and the student woke up and joined in.



This teacher perfectly explained what constitutes as a liquid.

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